Bread, Olives & Balsamic Oil..v ve gf*   £3.95

Homemade Soup of the Day served with Bread  £5.50

Thai Style Fishcake on a bed of rocket leaves with sweet chilli glaze  £7.50

Lightly Crumbed Cornish Brie & Yarg with Salad and a fruit coulis..v  £7.50

Smoked Mackerel Pate paired with artisan bread, leaves and an apple  £6.95

Creamy Garlic Mushrooms with toast and salad..v ve* gf*  £7.25

Deep Fried Whitebait  simply leaves, tartare sauce and a lemon wedge  £5.95

Ale, Cheddar & Mustard Rarebit with salad and spiced chutney..v gf*  £6.75

Lightly Fried Chicken Goujons on a bed of salad and drizzled with a cider  £5.95

Lightly Fried Bubble & Squeak Cake, poached egg and a hollandaise sauce..v  £5.95


Hewas Inn Pie of the Day, our lovely homemade pie served with chips and seasonal vegetables.  £14.00

Fish & Chips, a classic combination of crispy cod, chips, peas, tartare sauce and a lemon*  £13.00

Mixed Bean & Vegetable Hotpot. A generous blend of beans & vegetables topped with sliced potatoes..v ve gf*  £10.95

Pan Fried Sea Bass on a bedof wilted spinach, sautéed potatoes and  £12.95

Deep Fried Chicken,simply fried chicken, barbecue sauce, rustic chips and  £10.95

Thick Cut Ham Egg & Chips. A pub  £10.95

Lightly Fried Bubble & Squeak Cakes, two crispy cakes, topped with poached eggs, crispy bacon and hollandaise sauce..v  £10.95

Classic Scampi & Chips, Scampi, rustic style chips, peas, tartare sauce and a lemon wedge  £10.95

Vegetable Lasagne, a combination of sweet potato, aubergine, spinach, peppers, mushrooms and courgettes with salad and garlic bread..v  £10.95

Vegetable Chilli, A mildly spicy blend of courgette, onion, peppers, mixed beans, tomato sauce and rice..v gf  £10.9


All served in a soft artisan roll with salad and rustic style chips. Gluten free bread available.

Mighty Beef Stacker, our Amazing homemade burger with leaves, bacon, cheese, tomato, gherkins and onion  £12.95

Chilli Bean, a generous blend of beans and spices made in to a lightly bread crumbed cake..v gf  £10.95

Cajun Chicken, a succulent chicken breast rolled in spiced bread crumbs, with a tomato  £11.95

Add a Hot Cheese Sauce..v gf


Gammon Steak     £10.95

Served with chips, tomato, mushrooms, pineapple, peas & a fried egg

10oz Rib Eye Steak     £17.95

Served with chips, mushrooms, tomato, onion rings and peas. 

Hewas Mixed Grill      £19.95

Gammon steak, lamb chop, rump steak, chicken breast, sausage, black pudding & hogs pudding served with grilled tomato, mushrooms, onion rings, peas & chips.

‘See also our amazing specials board’


Garlic Bread     £3.75

Cheesy Garlic Bread     £3.95

Onion Rings    £2.95

Bowl of Chips    £3.50

Cheesy Chips     £3.95

Mixed Leaf Salad    £3.50

Coleslaw    £1.50


All our ingredients are locally sourced wherever possible and we strive to support local suppliers, allergen information is available on request.

If you have any intolerances to specific allergens please let us know and we will be able to advise you on which dishes are safe for you to eat